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BASEUS Square Bar Temporary Parking Number Plate Phone Number Holder

  • All Metal Material, Delicacy and Light Luxury: Select aluminum alloy after CNC polishing offers fine texture to match the car interior
  • Presetting Two Phone Numbers for Family Sharing: Just flip the number plate to change phone numbers in one second
  • Magnetic Base, Convenient to Use: The separate base is magnetically attracted to the number plate, making the number plate convenient to place and remove
  • Bold Numbers, Visible in 3 meters: Font 30 bold larger numbers in 45° can be seen from far away
  • Fluorescence Coating, Brighter at Night: The sun-proof ageing-resistant florescence coating makes numbers easier to be recognized at night or in low light
  • High Temperature Resistance and Non-Deforming: All metal material is high temperature resistant
  • Unbonded and Detachable Numbers: The numbers are hard to fall off after being inserted into the number slot and can be removed and arranged at will
  • Sticky, Leaving No Marks and Stable: Adhesive on the base can firmly attach the base on the surface even on the bumpy road, and leave no mark when tearing off
  • 9 Sets of Number Stickers: It includes 9 sets of number stickers from 0 to 9 for different regional numbers