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Handboss 650ml Universal Foam Cleaning Agent

  • The product is mainly made of natural surface active agent with fast penetration and cleaning property and powerful dirt removing performance
  • Apply advanced technology, contain non-toxic and anti-microbial
  • Free of phosphor and harmful organic solvent to remove animal and plant oil, lubricant etc
  • It is also applicable for water scald, bitumen, ink and carbon powder
  • Plenty of foam, high adhesion, convenient for washing
  • It generates elegant fragrance after using
  • Brand : Handboss
  • Accessory Type : Cleaners & Dust Blowers
  • Compatible with : PC
  • Color : Green


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Handboss Universal Foam Cleaner – Marabamarket

Buy Handboss Universal Foam Cleaning Agent 650ml

Buy Handboss Universal Foam Cleaning Agent 650ml

  1. Removes soils and stains from vinel or fabric upholstery and from carpets
  2. Microfiber cloth is able to clean dust,fingerprints,stains and lint with high efficiency
  3. Perfect to clean any washable or painted surface,help tp restire true color and appearance
  4. The soft brush can clean the dust and dirt from screen,keyboard and so on without damage the suface
  5. Suitable for auto, boat, could be especially effective for cleaning vinyl and fabric upholstery, floor mats, carpets and chrome