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HP PI06 Laptop Battery

  • Brand :           HP
  • Voltage:         14.8 volts
  • Battery :         Capacity: 40 Wh,65Wh
  • Battery :         Type: 4 cell lithium-ion
  • Cell Origin:     HP
  • Color:             Black
  • Warranty:       06 Months
  • Useful Life:    300-500 charges



  • Model: P106 PI06 710416-001 710417-001, Capacity: 57Wh, Voltage: 11.1V / 5200mAh, Battery type: 6 A+ Cells / Lithium-Ion, 100% brand new. We have concentrated on the laptop batteries production for more than twenty years. You can buy the P106 PI06 710416-001 710417-001 battery with confidence at any time.
  • COMPATIBLE PART NUMBERS: P106 PI06 P109 PI09 PIO6 PIO9 PI06XL PI09XL, HSTNN-LB4N HSTNN-LB40 HSTNN-LB4O H6L38AA HSTNN-UB4N HSTNN-DB4N HSTNN-YB4N HSTNN-YB4O, 710417-001 710416-001 709988-421 709988-541 709988-851 709989-421 TPN-Q119 TPN-L110 TPN-L111 TPN-L112 TPN-Q117 TPN-Q120 TPN-Q121 TPN-Q122, 17-E016DX 17-E017DX 17-E019DX 17-E020US 17-E037CL 17-E040US 17-E049WM 17-E079NR 17-E098NR 17-E110DX 17-E116DX 17-E117DX 17-E118DX 17-E119WM 17-E146US.
  • COMPATIBLE MODELS: For HP Envy TouchSmart 15-J000 15-J100 15T-J000 15T-J100 15Z-J000 15Z-J100 15-Q000 15-Q100 17-J000 17-J100 17T-J000 17T-J100 M6-N000 M7-J000 14-E000 Series, Pavilion TouchSmart 15 15-E000 15-E100 15T-E000 15Z-E000 17-E000 17-E100 17T-E000 17Z-E000 17Z-E100 Series, 15-J150US 15-J173CA 17-J017CL 17-J020US 17-J023CL 17-J030US 17-J117CL 17-J141NR 17-J153CL 17-J157CL M6-N010DX M6-N113DX M6-N168CA M7-J020DX M7-J120DX 15-E010US 15-E020US.