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HP TF03XL Laptop Battery

  • Brand :           HP
  • Voltage:         11.5 volts
  • Battery :         Capacity: 42 Wh,65Wh
  • Battery :         Type: 6 cell lithium-ion
  • Cell Origin:     Dell
  • Color:             Black
  • Warranty:       06 Months
  • Useful Life:    300-500 charges

රු10,500.00 රු16,500.00

Compatible Part Number

HP 920046-121 920046-421 920046-541 920070-855 HSTNN-IB7Y HSTNN-LB7J HSTNN-LB7X HSTNN-UB7J TF03041XL TF03XL TPN-Q188 TPN-Q189 TPN-Q190 TPN-Q191 TPN-Q192 TPN-Q196

Compatible HP Laptop Models:

15-CC Series:

15-CC000NO 15-CC001NA 15-CC001NF 15-CC001NG 15-CC001NI 15-CC001NIA 15-CC001NK 15-CC001NV 15-CC001NX 15-CC002NE 15-CC002NG 15-CC002NI 15-CC002NIA 15-CC002NK 15-CC002NL 15-CC002NO 15-CC002NU 15-CC002NX 15-CC002UR 15-CC003NC 15-CC003NG 15-CC003NI 15-CC003NIA 15-CC003NK 15-CC004NC 15-CC004NI 15-CC004NK 15-CC004NM 15-CC004NO 15-CC004NT 15-CC004NX 15-CC004UR 15-CC005NA 15-CC005NG 15-CC005NI 15-CC005NK 15-CC005NL 15-CC005NM 15-CC005NO 15-CC005TU 15-CC005TX 15-CC005UR 15-CC006NC 15-CC006NG 15-CC006NI 15-CC006NK 15-CC006NL 15-CC006NO 15-CC006NX 15-CC006TX 15-CC006UR 15-CC007NC 15-CC007NG 15-CC007NT 15-CC007NX 15-CC007TX 15-CC007UR 15-CC008NC 15-CC008NO 15-CC008NT 15-CC008NX 15-CC008TU 15-CC008TX 15-CC008UR 15-CC009NG 15-CC009NL 15-CC009NM 15-CC009NO 15-CC009NT 15-CC009NX

15-CC009TU 15-CC009TX 15-CC009UR 15-CC010NC 15-CC010NK 15-CC010NL 15-CC010NO 15-CC010NR 15-CC010TX 15-CC010UR 15-CC011NK 15-CC011TU 15-CC011UR 15-CC012NG 15-CC012NK


15-CC012TU 15-CC012UR 15-CC013NA 15-CC013NG 15-CC013NK 15-CC013UR 15-CC014NG 15-CC014NW 15-CC014UR 15-CC015NG 15-CC015NK 15-CC015TU 15-CC015UR 15-CC016NK 15-CC016UR 15-CC017NG 15-CC018CA 15-CC019NG 15-CC020NG 15-CC020NR 15-CC020NZ 15-CC020TU 15-CC021TU 15-CC023CL 15-CC023NA 15-CC023NG 15-CC023TU 15-CC023UR 15-CC024NZ 15-CC024UR 15-CC026NA 15-CC026NZ 15-CC027NA 15-CC027TX 15-CC028NA 15-CC028NG 15-CC028TX 15-CC029NA 15-CC029NG 15-CC029TX 15-CC030NG 15-CC030TX 15-CC031TX 15-CC032NA 15-CC033NA 15-CC034CL 15-cc195cl 15-cc665cl 15-cc563st 15-cc610ms 15-cc050wm 15-cc060wm 15-c6xx 15-c1xx 15-cc023cl 15-cc123cl 15-cc050wm

15-CD Series: 15-CD000NG 15-CD000NU 15-CD000NV 15-CD000UR 15-CD001AU 15-CD001CA 15-CD001DS 15-CD001NG 15-CD001NL 15-cd040wm 15-cd0xx 15-cd042nr 15-cd051nr 15-cd067ca 15-cd075nr


14-BF Series:

14-bf040wm 14-bf050wm 14-bf118tu 14-bf120tu 14-bf125tx 14-bf146tx and more

14-BK Series:

14-bk061st 14-bk091st 14-bk063st 14-bk0xx and more

14-CD Series:

14-cd1055cl 14-cd1075nr 14-cd1010nr 14-cd0003dx 14-cd0002ne 14-cd1033nr and more

14M-CD Series:

14m-cd0xxx 14m-cd0001dx 14m-cd0003dx 14m-cd0006dx 14m-cd0005dx 14m-cdooo3dx and more

17-AR Series: 17-AR007CA 17-AR050WM