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  • With life balance technology, support DevSleep mode, support BCH ECC;
  • Extreme high speed, quiet, shockproof, anti-drop, low power consumption;
  • Interface type: mSATA, Data reading transfer rate: 510 MB / s, Data writing transfer rate: 350 MB / s
  • Hard drive size: 1.8 inches,Flash architecture: MLC multi-level unit, Chipset: MLC NAND FLASH
  • Support: TRIM, Main controller: SMI226EN/2246XT, Particle: MLC NAND FLASH, Starting power: 2.5W.


Out of stock


Price history & Review on Oscoo MLC SSD 64gb 120gb 128gb 240gb mSATA SSD  Solid State Disk SATA III 256gb 500gb 512gb 1tb ssd Hard Drive for laptop  netbook | AliExpress Seller -

The  mSATA Series SSD (solid state Drive) fully consists of semiconductor devices using NAND Flash Memory which provide high reliability and high performance for a storage media. The case-less mSATA design is significantly smaller than a 2.5-inch Hard Disk Drive. This design makes it ideal for small form factor computing platform such as notebooks.

High Reliability and Data Integrity Ensured
The  mSATA Series SSD product electrically complies with the SATAIII standards and is electrically compatible with a serial ATA disk drive. In order to meet the high quality, the mSATA Series SSD products utilize Multi-Level Cell (MLC) NAND Flash Memory. Moreover, to ensure the data integrity, many advanced technologies are used such as dynamic bad block management, dynamic and static wear-leveling, and error correction code (ECC). The mSATA Series SSD drastically outperforms conventional Hard Disk Drives. In addition, the mSATA Series could also provide rugged features in industrial PC under an extreme environment with a high MTBF.