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Verbatim 2TB Store ‘n’ Go Portabale HDD Drive


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  • Rugged portable drive with 1TB storage and unique diamond finish
  • Comes with SuperSpeedUSB 3.0, up to 10X faster than USB 2.0!
  • Verbatim has been a leader in data storage technology since 1969, and guarantees this product with a 7 year limited warranty and technical support


Out of stock

Portable Hard Drives – The Perfect Solution For Storage On The Go

Portable hard drives are becoming more and more common. Why? Some people want a portable hard drive in order to create additional file storage space for a computer that lacks extensive internal storage, especially for laptops and netbooks. People often use a portable external hard drive for backing up files and archiving so they are ultra-secure in case of computer failure.

Verbatim 53194 1TB USB3.0 External Hard Drive | PCWise Malta

No External Power Source

Portable external hard drives, in industry terms, are called ‘plug-and-play’. Plug and play means you can simply connect the drive to your USB/Firewire port, and you are ready to start dragging and dropping files. You do not need an additional power source like you do on a desktop unit.

Great for On-the-Go

Ideally, compact portable hard drives can travel with you. Many come in fashionably thin styles and often have a rugged casing that can withstand accidental drops. Slip a USB portable hard drive into your laptop case or even your pocket—they are that small.

1TB Store 'n' Go Portable Hard Drive, USB 3.0 - Diamond Black: Portable - Hard Drives | Verbatim

Automatic Backups

Portable hard drives hold large amounts of information and allow you to schedule regular backups automatically – that’s one less thing you have to remember. Often, USB portable hard drives feature backup software you set up once and forget about.