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Baseus 100W GaN2 Pro Quick Charger

  • Fast Heat dissipation for Constant Temperature
    Baseus cooling technology]. The infrared resonance effect of radiator surface is excited by nanotechnology to accelerate the rapid heat emission from the radiator surface, so as to effectively improve the heat dissipation efficiency
  • 60W Dual usB Port
    For Huawei/Samsung/Xiaomi Fast Charging Devices Support multiple fast charging protocols to be compatible with fast charging devices you know
  • 100W Dual Type C Port
    Charge Laptops without Reducing speed
    Single Type-C1/Type-C2 port can output 100W power for fast charging laptops
  • One Charger for Phones/ Laptops
    Charge Four Devices Together
    A laptop+a tablet+a phone+earphones.
  • Multi-Port
    Fast Charging Technology
    Upgraded second generation of GaN materials plus three core technologies create the 100W charger with four fast charging ports when used separately.

රු12,500.00 රු17,950.00